Masque Nuit Noire Single 213169 by Lise Watier

Masque Nuit Noire Single

Sigma Sculpt Highlight & Contour Palette

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Sigma Sculpt Highlight & Contour Palette

Define your best features with the ultimate highlight and contour palette.

Featuring the perfect range of 3 light to dark, matte contour shades that can be mixed for custom artistry. Finish with a pop of light using the 3 universally-flattering, bold shimmer highlight powders. You’re sculpted.

Designed for face, but can also be worn on the eyes. Features a mix of finishes 3 shimmer + 3 matte shades

Shades Included: 
Faking It: Light neutral contour
Throw Shade: Warm medium contour 
Hollow: Cool, dark contour 
Shine On: Bright champagne bubbles  
Poppin’: Rosy neutral bling  
24K: Warm gold       

Sculpt Highligh
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