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Masque Nuit Noire Single

beautyblender® Glow All Night Set

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beautyblender® Glow All Night Set

An essential collection to prevent four o’clock face from ever happening again. This set includes an original beautyblender® for initial foundation application, a setting mist to hydrate and refresh skin and a dual sided powder puff to help bake and touch up makeup. Perfect for stashing at the desk or in your purse, this super squad makes sure skin looks flawless all day and all night long. Whether you’re combatting winter dryness, going from desk to drinks or party hopping through the night, Glow All Night has you covered so you look done up all the time.

Contents: RE-DEW™ Set & Refresh Spray Mini (15ml), POWER POCKET PUFF™ Dual Sided Power Puff, THE ORIGINAL BEAUTYBLENDER® Makeup Sponge

Glow All Night
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