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beautyblender® Liner Designer

This triple-edged eyeliner tool acts as a steady guide that will stay in place when gently pressed against the skin. It’s now easy to achieve symmetrically lined eyes since each of the three sides are designed to help create different angles and liner shapes. Use it with any eyeliner, pencil, pen, gel cream, liquid, and powder formulas. Best used on clean skin before any “baking” or correcting.

What else you need to know: This product includes a 5X magnifying mirror and suction cup that allows the compact to placed on any hard surface. Also use liner.designer pro as a mascara guard by placing the flexible, silicone guide above or below the eye as you apply mascara. This will keep makeup intact and mascara only on your lashes.



• Dark & sultry: Use the straight-laced side to create a clean, thick line for the upper wing as well as using it to gauge the thickness of the lower line.

• Cat eye flick: Use the straight-laced side along the angle created by the lower lid to act as a guide for your cat eye flick.

• Inner rim: Use under the eye to anchor your finger when rimming the inner water line of the eye. The flexible silicone guide will not remove your makeup.

• Mod-ern appeal: Step back into time with this 60”s look by creating a super thick line starting with a cat eye flick using the straight-laced side, then extending and thickening the liner from the lash line to the crease.

• Triple threat: Hold the short round end to guide a brush tip liner pen to create the thin individual winged lines.

• Mascara defender: Place the straight-laced side on the skin below and above the lashes before applying mascara to guard against smudges.

• Getting lippy with it: use the curvalicious side to guide the liner along lipline "teasing" beyond natural line to trace the perfect lip pout, making lips look full and luscious.


Liner Designer
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