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Ben Nye PC Color Cake Foundation 1oz

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Ben Nye PC Color Cake Foundation 1oz

Ben Nye's exclusive Color Cake formula produces a smooth finish that redefines foundation. Activate with water with a sea or Hydra Sponge, apply in sections, then "buff" as it sets to a translucent, natural finish. For full, opaque coverage, apply over powdered Creme Foundation. Ideal for oily or sensative skin

Expect 25 - 100 applications

1 oz / 28 gm

PC-1 White
PC-1W Pale Rose
PC-02 Light Ivory
PC-021 Bisque
PC-022 Geisha
PC-2 Porcelain
PC-3W Tawny Peach
PC-30 Ecru
PC-305 Barely Beige
PC-31 Ciné Fairest
PC-32 Ciné Fair
PC-33 Ciné Light Beige
PC-34 Ciné Beige
PC-36 Ciné Light Tan
PC-4 Navajo Sand
PC-40 Shinsei Ivory
PC-41 Shinsei Fair
PC-42 Japanese
PC-43 Chinese
PC-46 Rose Blush
PC-47 Ingénue
PC-48 Fair Lady
PC-5 Natural No. 1
PC-5W Rich Tan
PC-51 Natural No. 2
PC-6 Buckskin
PC-7 Rose Beige
PC-7W Deep Tan
PC-8 Blithe Spirit
PC-81 Cadaver Grey
PC-82 Blue Spirit
PC-83 Sallow Green
PC-84 Death Purple
PC-840 Death Flesh
PC-841 Death Straw
PC-842 Pale Vampire
PC-843 Frankenstein
PC-87 Fair Male
PC-89 Tan Male
PC-9 Tan No. 1
PC-11 Tan No. 2
PC-111 Tan No. 3
PC-114 Warm Tan
PC-115 Ruddy Tan
PC-12 Auguste
PC-13 Natural Fair
PC-135 Calcutta
PC-137 Tan Au Lait
PC-14 Mocha
PC-16 Chestnut
PC-17 Light Egyptian
PC-19 Dark Egyptian
PC-20 Sable
PC-205 Mocha Java
PC-21 Golden Ebony
PC-23 Black


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