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Lise Watier Eye Shine

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Lise Watier Eye Shine

Eyes that sparkle. Eyes that shine. Your eyes will look incredible longer with our long-lasting, waterproof Eyeshine eyeliner. Its exquisite metallic finish glides on the eyelids for a fine, precise contour that sparkles and shines and lasts.

Available In:
058655706778 Aqua
058655726509 Black Gold
058655716517 Black Orchid
058655706709 Bleu Azur
058655706655 Bleu Lagoon
058655706761 Cognac
058655706716 Deep Blue
058655706686 Fauve
058655706693 Jungle
058655706679 Marine
058655706747 Midnight Black
058655706754 Peacock
058655706730 Purple
058655706662 Silver Grey
058655706648 Smokey Brown
058655706631 Teal
058655726547 Vert Sarcelle
058655726707 Aurora
058655414093 Expression

Eye Shine
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