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Stila Perfect Me Perfect Hue Palette

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Stila Perfect Me Perfect Hue Palette

The Perfect Hue for the Perfect You!

Easy to use eye and cheek palettes filled with neutral hues that are just perfect…for you!  Long-wearing, one swipe eye and cheek colors expertly curated to work with your skin tone to create the perfect neutral look.  Choose from four distinct palettes that house five eyeshadows and two blushes in matte, shimmer and pearl finishes; customizable to create the look or looks you want.

 Curated to work with your skin tone, but each palette is wearable on all skin tones.  Choose the palette closest to your skin tone for a natural look or one level up for a more dramatic look.  The possibilities are endless!
 Color True Pigments look exactly as you would expect on your skin.  What you won't see?  Ashy or unnatural tones.
 78% pigment saturation offers incredibly vivid, long-lasting color.
 Triple milled powders and mica allow for exceptionally smooth application - no need for a primer!

Palette Shades:

 Eye Shades:  Alluring (soft pale pink), Breathtaking (soft neutral white), Passionate (champagne pearl), Dynamic (soft taupe), Glamorous (warm chocolate brown)
 Blush Shades:  Romantic (soft pale pink), Playful (soft rose pink)

 Eye Shades:  Artistic (neural beige), Dazzling (vanilla), Ambitious (midtone brown with gold pearl), Spontaneous (brown with berry undertones), Mischievous (black brown)
 Blush Shades: Charming (true cool pink), Angelic (neutral warm rose)

 Eye Shades:  Curious (soft nude), Captivating (neutral champagne), Daring (deep rose with gold pearl), Feisty (midtone red brown), Magnetic (deep plum)
 Blush Shades: Inspiring (coral brown), Mysterious (neutral peach)

 Eye shades: Imaginative (peach), Brilliant (wheat), Adventurous (copper), Flirty (deep warm brown), Mesmerizing (black)
 Blush shades: Vibrant (deep peach), Witty (brick red)

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