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Devacurl Styling Cream

Devacurl SuperCream

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Devacurl SuperCream

Supercream does everything! This rich, coconut oil infused styler gives you total freedom to express yourself with your curls. Whether you want to smooth, soften, shape, lengthen, moisturize, define, control, boost volume, twist-out, tame frizz, add shine or switch-up your look, SuperCream does it all. Do you have curly or super curly hair that craves silky moisture, definition and curl control? Then, this is for you!

Coconut Curl Styler

Built around the addictive creaminess of coconut, SuperCream is bright, lush, and luxurious.

Allure Reader's Choice Award 2016
Allure Reader's Choice 2016

Latina 2015 Beauty Award

Total Beauty Editors Pick 2016
Total Beauty Award

Supercream 5.1o
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