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EBA Endura 4oz

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EBA Transluz 4 oz

EBA Encore Palette

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EBA Encore Palette

By building off of the reputation of its liquid predecessor, Endura, Encore Alcohol Palettes provide unparalleled durability, high pigmentation, and a wide selection of colors. The Encore Palettes feature an innovative magnetic case along with a mixing plate that comfortably fits in an artist's hand. Interchangeable magnetic pans allow makeup artists to rearrange and replace colors easily based on their project or job, a rare sight in the specical effects makeup industry.

• Water, sweat and rub resistant.
Realistic natural finish.
Micronized HD Pigments.
Instant drying.
Easily removable with Vapore or SKT-7.
Activated with 99% alcohol.
Matching colors available in Endura Airbrush and Encore.
Interchangeable magnetic pans.
Individual ready-to-use refills.


Encore Palette
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