EBA Endura Contour 1oz 210881 by Eurpoean Body Art

EBA Endura Contour 1oz

EBA Endura SKT Light With Adjusters 10 Pack 209730 by Eurpoean Body Art

EBA Endura SKT Light With Adjusters 10 Pack

EBA Endura SKT Light to Dark 0.5oz 10pk

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EBA Endura SKT Light to Dark 0.5oz 10pk

The EBA Endura SKT Light to Dark SkinTone 10 pack consist of one neutral and 9 light to dark skin shades in warm (yellow/olive) and cool (red) tones. The Nude 1 shade is the lightest neutral shade with neutral tone and can be also used as an adjuster or concealer. The nine light to dark shades consist of five yellow/olive tones (W-WARM) and three red tones (C-COLD). All ten Endura SKT light to dark tones blend easily with other shades and adjusters to achieve neutral shades or other variations of skin tones.

  • 10 Endura SKT Skin Tone Light to Dark Shades
    N1, C2, C4, C5, C6, W1, W2, W3, W5, W9
  • PVC  box

The Endura Skin Tone (SKT) is a highly pigmented alcohol based makeup providing rich coverage through an airbrush, brush or sponge. The finished makeup is extremely realistic, feels comfortable and it is water and transfer proof. 
The Endura Skin Tone makeup comes standard in a low viscosity medium enabling a lower psi setting for operations inside smaller makeup rooms or when used as a facial makeup.
• Waterproof tattoo cover up
• Skin concealing
• Beauty makeup/foundation
• Film, theatre and prosthetics makeup
• Runway and bridal makeup
• Live broadcasting
• Underwater commercials
• Stage and performance makeup

• Water, sweat, and transfer proof
• Realistic natural finish
• Micronized HD pigments
• Dries instantly
• Applicable with airbrush, brush or sponge
• Low psi airbrush application reducing vapors and waste
• Easily Removable with
• Matching SKT SKIN Cover Up Airbrush ENDURA and ENCORE Palette Colors Available
• Made in the USA by EBA
• Exclusive formulation
• FDA approved ingredients

Endura SKT L/D
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