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EBA SB Thinner 2oz

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Kryolan 8099 Release Agent Spray

EBA Pro Seal 1oz

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EBA Pro Seal 1oz

By no doubt ProSeal is absolutely the most powerful sealer available on the market today. It effectively seals a large variety of makeups including but not limited to alcohol based airbrush makeup, alcohol based palettes, water based cakes and water based airbrush makeup. ProSeal also works as a shiner when applied in multiple layers. ProSeal can be applied with an airbrush or spray bottle (spray bottle available in 2oz and 4oz)
With ProSeal you can go into the battle with confidence knowing that your artwork will stay through the harshest conditions including sweat, water and rubbing.

  • Seals makeup and works as a powerful waterproofing agent 
  • Adds shine when used in multiple layers
  • Flexes, stretches, and moves along with a surface
  • Works effectively on skin and over prosthetics
  • Made in the USA by EBA with FDA compliant ingredients
Pro Seal 1oz
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