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Elaina Badro Contour Brush

Elaina Badro Duo Fiber Brush

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Elaina Badro Duo Fiber Brush

Elaina Badro Duo Fiber Brush is an innovative foundation brush which beautifully blends an array of makeup.

Stipple and buff your way to complexion perfection with this slightly-domed brush. Exquisitely crafted with exquisitely soft bristles and a stylish handle design, Duo Fiber Brush is perfectly weighted for optimal balance and control and is loved by professional makeup artists for creating the perfect base.

Tip: Create an “airbrushed” look with this Duo Fiber Brush by applying cream or powder products in a circular motion. Can be used for foundation and/or blush, works with both cream and powder products.

Did You Know? Duo Fiber Brush can be used with both cream and powder-based products.


Duo Fiber Brush
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