Elcie E6 Eyeliner Brush 210567 by Elcie

Elcie E6 Eyeliner Brush

Elcie E3 Blending Brush 210569 by Elcie

Elcie E3 Blending Brush

Elcie E4 Precise Crease Brush

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Elcie E4 Precise Crease Brush

This tapered eye brush will allow you create a detailed and diffused finish to your crease.

The synthetic hairs used for these brushes, are created with the most advanced fibers compared to natural hair, called Dermocure™. These uncut fibers create an ever-lasting soft touch, while keeping its shape and durability.

Key Benefits:
Cruelty Free
Dermatologically tested
Hypo Allergenic
Eco Friendly
Handmade Italian

E4 Brush
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