HairGia Hydrating Mist Conditioner 178737 by Hairgia

HairGia Hydrating Mist Conditioner

HairGia Color Enhancing Shampoo 4 (32oz) 179789 by Hairgia

HairGia Color Enhancing Shampoo 4 (32oz)

HairGia Hydrating Shampoo 2 (32oz)

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HairGia Hydrating Shampoo 2 (32oz)

Designed to strengthen and condition damaged hair. Leaves your hair soft, smooth and healthy. Excellent to use as an entire body shampoo.

Shampoo with desired amount. Rinse and use appropriate Hair Gia conditioner.

Specially formulated conditioning shampoo for dry, damaged or chemically treated hair.

Agrimony - provides control and manageability.
Anise - gives elasticity and strength
Basil - gives body and bounce to lifeless hair
Chamomile - adds control and can bring out highlights
Hawthorn - makes hair fuller, silkier and tangle free
Aloe Vera - known to promote healthy hair
Coltsfoot - adds body and bounce to lifeless hair
Ginseng - promote healthy hair
Hops - softens skin and scalp and adds shine
Nasturtium - adds shine to dull hair
Rosemary - helps maintain a healthy scalp
Evening Primrose - helps to moisture and shine
Argan Oil - provides moisture and shine

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