Hank & Henry Lip Lustre Gloss

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Hank & Henry Lip Lustre Gloss

A touch of personality, and a big dose of sparkle, these are more than just a lip gloss. Hank & Henry #LipLustreGloss is scented with spearmint, infused with both Vitamin E & Honeysuckle Flower Extract, and contain the same effect pigments used in their Lustre Lights loose pearls formula. The dazzling effect of the effect pigments is designed to wear over a lipstick or as a stand-alone gloss while keeping your lips moisturized and pampered all day long making this non-sticky formula perfect for those on-the-go.

Directions: Designed to be worn by itself as a wearable sparkle that is lightly pigmented in color but intensely glimmers in light with a high shine. The gloss also has a suction attached inside to prevent a lot of product coming out and being wasted. So for a full application of intense sparkle a few pumps/layers may be required. Lip Lustre Gloss can also be worn over you favorite cream lipstick, liquid lipstick, or lip liner.

Formula Attributes:

Vegan formula
Contains non-comedogenic ingredients
• Lip nourishing
Anti-aging properties
Highest grade effects pigments
• Non-sticky

Lip Lustre Glos
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