Japonesque Must Have Complexion Brush Duo Set 209186 by Japonesque

Japonesque Must Have Complexion Brush Duo Set

Japonesque Baking Brush Duo

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Japonesque Baking Brush Duo

Achieve flawless perfection with this duo of specially angled baking brushes. Densely packed synthetic brush hairs pack on powder for the ultimate in makeup baking application. For best results, first apply JAPONESQUE® Velvet Touch® Concealer and/or Luminous Foundation. Pack on powder on areas you want to highlight and let set. Finish by sweeping away excess powder. These ultra-soft brushes can also be used to apply powder or liquid foundation.

Must-Have Duo includes:
• Large Baking Brush packs on the powder to sculpt and
contour the jaw line, forehead or cheeks.
• Small Baking Brush delivers the ideal amount of powder
to the under eye or bridge of the nose. Can also be used
to apply concealer.

BS-029 Baking B
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