Japonesque Kumadori Powder Brush 206197 by Japonesque

Japonesque Kumadori Powder Brush

Japonesque Kumadori Contour and Highlighting Brush 206199 by Japonesque

Japonesque Kumadori Contour and Highlighting Brush

Japonesque Kumadori Blending Brush

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Japonesque Kumadori Blending Brush

A Japanese stagecraft tradition in ancient Kabuki theatre. A makeup technique used to express the qualities of overflowing power and emphasize the individual personalities of each character with its own colored pattern. The purpose of the Kumadori is to emphasize the facial expressions rather than to hide them.

This is the essence of the JAPONESQUE Kumadori Brush Collection. Born from JAPONESQUE’s heritage, it is a stunning collection of essential face brushes. Designed to bring the delicate craftmanship of authetic Kabuki theatre make-up brushes to today's modern and sophisticated cosmetics applications.
This beautifully crafted Kumadori Blush Brush harmonizes the beauty of Kabuki theatre with the superb craftsmanship of professional makeup tools. The exceptionally soft touch wide handle feels luxurious to hold while the ultra-soft natural brush hairs blend pigmented powders and liquids to smooth perfection.


BP-703 Kumadori
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