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Kitmate Clear Mega Kit

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Kitmate Maxi Kit Iridescent

Kitmate Mini Kit Iridescent

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Kitmate Mini Kit Iridescent


This holographic design is an absolute eye-catcher for your Makeup kit! 

A classic design made more fashionable. Not only does it look amazing but it also doesn't show makeup stains to much while still being see-through. Nylon reinforcement ensures longevity. Apart from offering greater professionalism on the job and organisation for kits on the go, this bag helps you to locate all those hard to find products with ease.

Great for brushes, pencils and small makeup products.

Build your greatest makeup kit with our Mega- Maxi & Mini Kit!

Composition and details:

- PVC material
- Screen printed logo
- Fabric label with embroidered logo
- Laser engraved zipper puller
- Size: 23.5 x 7.5 x 6.5 cm
- Design color: See-through iridescent

Mini Kit Irides
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