Kryolan 1415 F/X Wax 12 G 117166 by Kryolan

Kryolan 1415 F/X Wax 12 G

Kryolan 1481 Sealer 30 ML 106622 by Kryolan

Kryolan 1481 Sealer 30 ML

Kryolan 1420 Eyebrow Plastic

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Kryolan 1420 Eyebrow Plastic

Eyebrow Plastic is a wax preparation to “block out” the eyebrows to allow creation of different eyebrow shapes or effects. First use a spatula to apply Eyebrow Plastic against the natural direction of eyebrow hair, then in a second step in the same direction as hair growth. First moisten the fingers with gel, and then smooth out the surface of the wax. Smooth out and level the edges. Thinly coat the surface of the wax with Sealer, and then apply color make-up as required.

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Details: 0.50 oz / 18 g


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