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Lise Watier 25th Anniversary Eau de Parfum Spray 100ml

Lime Crime Venus XL 2 Palette

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Lime Crime Venus XL 2 Palette

The ultimate earthly grunge shadow palette. Blossom and bloom with Venus XL 2, the earthly rebirth of the ultimate grunge eyeshadow palette! Boldly unearth 18 all-new shades in four rich, buttery-smooth formulas: matte, metallic, foil, and sheer iridescent. Bring this work of art to life when you download the app. Scan your palette to meet our down-to-earth goddess IRL!

Lime Crime down-to-earth Venus XL 2 reigns supreme with flowing neon green hair, a gold laurel crown, and a delicate septum ring.

  • The iconic Venus gets a modern revamp! She has all the edge of grunge with a soft acoustic side.
  • Venus XL 2 reigns supreme with all-new foil and sheer iridescent finishes that transform mattes and metallics to expand your garden of looks.
  • Foil shades are high def and ultra reflective
  • Lightly layer or boldly blend out, our new sheer iridescents cast an otherworldly wash of opalescent pigment all over lids.
  • Discover browns that deepen, poetic pinks that pop, mythic mid-tone neutrals, and lush sage greens.
  • Venus XL 2 captures all the edge of grunge with a soft acoustic side that redefines the classics and reinvents nudes.

4 Finishes:
Matte: Buttery smooth and totally matte.
Foil: High def and ultra reflective!
Metallic: Ultra-shiny shimmer.
Sheer Iridescent: Sheer opalescent lid topper.

18 Shades:
IN BLOOM: Muted rose (matte)
CROWN: Icy champagne (foil)
SAGE: Sage green (matte)
THORN: Cocoa with blue sparkle (metallic)
RIPE: Warm terracotta (matte)
FORBIDDEN: Peachy copper (metallic)
STELLA: Pink champagne (metallic)
MYTH: Silvery green (foil)
EVE: Mauve rose with multi color sparkle (foil)
LAUREL: Olive gold (metallic)
RADIANT: Peach pearl (sheer iridescent)
IVY: Glazed green with pink sparkle (metallic)
WEST: Warm brown (metallic)
OBSCURE: Soft neon green (sheer iridescent)
MYSTIC: Soft blush (metallic)
PHOENIX: Rust (metallic)
LOCUST: Green-brown shift (metallic)
CLASSICAL: Plummy brown (matte)

What it does: Lets you pick through a garden of subtle earthy tones and modern finishes to express your down to earth nature.
What it won't do: Repeat shades or give you boring pasty pastels.

Venus XL Palett
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