Luxie Princess Jasmine 6 Piece Brush Set 210400 by Luxie Beauty

Luxie Princess Jasmine 6 Piece Brush Set

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Luxie Complete Face Brush Set

Luxie Smokey Eye Brush Set

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Luxie Smokey Eye Brush Set

Achieve a bold eye look with our LUXIE smokey eye set. These 4 synthetic eye brushes will help you create the perfect smokey eye and and array of eye looks you desire.

LUXIE 213 Eye Shading – Use this brush’s shape and density to apply eyeshadow (cream, powder or liquid) to your eyelids for a variety of eye looks.

LUXIE 215 Small Angle – Use this brush’s perfect density and firmness with cream or powder products for control when creating the perfect cat eye or even filling in your brows.

LUXIE 217 Pencil – Use this pencil-like brush’s head with your favorite powder or cream eyeshadow to precisely smudge out the top and bottom lash lines with perfect accuracy.

LUXIE 205 Tapered Blending – Use this fluffy blending brush with eyeshadow (powder/cream) to blend your creases and the edges of your shadows.

Smokey Eye Set
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