Mason Pearson Pocket Boar Bristle Brush 108336 by Mason Pearson

Mason Pearson Pocket Boar Bristle Brush

Mason Pearson Pocket Mixture Brush

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Mason Pearson Pocket Mixture Brush

The Pocket Bristle & Nylon BN4 has 5 rings of Boar Bristle & Nylon Tufts. Mason Pearson brushes are designed to gently stimulate the scalp and distribute hair's natural serum from root to end in order to protect the hair shaft. Handmade using the best quality materials and boar bristle, which has a natural affinity to human hair, this brush is built to last.

Generally Used For: Normal hair

The Pocket hairbrush is the smallest in our range of adult hairbrushes and is ideal for when you’re on the go.


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