Ovo Kojno Ovo Sponge Medium 210549 by Ovo Kojno

Ovo Kojno Ovo Sponge Medium

Ovo Kojno Ovo Sponge Small

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Ovo Kojno Ovo Sponge Small

Latex free. Hypoallergenic. Odorless. Colorfast. Available in three sizes for the perfect fit. Ovo Beauty Sponges were ergonomically designed to deliver incredible results, effortlessly. In the words of one of its creators, Klexius Kolby: "It is everything I have been looking for in a sponge"

It is everything the makeup industry has been longing for in application technology; It is everything a professional or beauty lover needs to make a flawless impression.

Ovo Beauty Sponge: The Ultimate Beauty Sponge

2 Sponges per pack.

Ovo Sponge Smal
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