PTM Red Drum Drying Blood 4 oz 205139 by PTM

PTM Red Drum Drying Blood 4 oz

PTM Red Drum Drying Blood 2 oz

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PTM Red Drum Drying Blood 2 oz

RED DRUM is PTMs newly created, premium drying theatrical blood that adds the perfect finishing touch to Prosthetic Transfers or any SFX project. It's formulated as a water-based blood so that it can be easily washed off with soap and warm water, while leaving absolutely no ghosting or redness to your skin like some other bloods are known to do. We are proud to say that it's a 100% safe-to-use blood that contains NO hazardous detergents and NO volatiles to inhale. It dries non-tacky and exactly the same color as it applies so you don't have to worry about discomfort or continuity problems during long shoots. Once you try RED DRUM, you'll have a go-to drying blood for future makeups.

Available In:
10302689 Bright Red
10302678 Dark Red
10302700 Orange Red
10302667 Standard Red

Red Drum Drying
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