Mold Laceration 6 Inch 205121

PTM Mold Laceration 6 Inch

Mold Bullet Entry Wound .22 Caliber 205123

PTM Mold Bullet Entry Wound .22 Caliber

PTM Mold Laceration 3 Inch

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PTM Mold Laceration 3 Inch

The Silicone Prosthetic Transfer Molds offered are more than just a piece of blue rubber. Why you may ask? Well that's because the silicone molds have all been infused with Hi-Ro Slip (a built in release agent) so they're ready for the immediate creation of beautiful Prosthetic Transfers. Plus, all of the molds are designed by makeup artists in the industry for that added assurance of authentic realisim. The current selection of Hi-Ro Slip molds include Lacerations, Bullet Holes, Exit Wounds, Avulsions, and a large selection of Zombie designs.

A small sized laceration perfect for creating a deep, painful looking wound that is typically caused by sharp glass or a knife.

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